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Video of The Nature Conservancy blowing up a levee on Oregon’s Upper Klamath Lake. It was “an unprecedented move to improve wildlife habitat, water storage and water quality downstream.”

More coverage of the event here from KATU TV. I love how they keep repeating the video of the blast over and over.

P.S. Subscribe to The Nature Conservancy’s YouTube channel for more videos of their activities worldwide.


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Winner of Friends of the Earth’s Best One-minute green film award. This simple film documents the horrors of plastic overpackaging of a child’s toy.  After wrestling with all the packaging, the child is too tired even to play with her new toys.

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Ten Ways the World Could End

My new addiction is the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks series. Here’s a really good one I watched the other day, given by Stephen Petranek: 10 Ways the World Could End. Some of them are predictable, but others are not. I like that he prescribes actions we can take (and the relative cost) to prevent each one.

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