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I did my “field work” for the Blogger BioBlitz this morning. It didn’t work out as I had planned, but in the end was quite satisfying. I’m posting this now as a kind of place-holder – I’ll come back and edit the post as I have species IDs. For now, a link to the photos I took. Later today, I hope to transcribe my field notes.

My photos are here and I will be adding ID information as I work through them.

Update: Field Notes: My immediate reactions to the site and casual observations, along with some personal reflection mediated by peaceful surroundings.

Date: April 25, 2007
Location: Herbert Taylor Park, Atlanta, GA, USA (33 47′ 54.12″N  84 20′ 32.20″ W)
Time: 0930

Arrived at site and startled a frog. Camera not working, so had to return home for other camera.
I see lots of fish and several frogs, but I can’t catch them. There are at least 3 fish species – large ones in pools (ca. 4-5 inches long), but pool is deep and I am soaked. Only inverts are water striders. Several orb spider webs, but no sign of the spiders. No inverts observed in root wads.

Male cardinal flew into area.

Thinking about choosing another site and trying again later this weekend (I originally had intended to focus on fish and inverts in the stream, but am not having success at catching fish and there are no aquatic invertebrates present).

Photographed many understory plants for later ID

Primary tree canopy

  • elm (?) taking leaf for ID
  • tulip poplar


  • privet (invasive)
  • bay
  • redbud?
  • Magnolia
  • honeysuckle

Lots of bird calls heard, but I’m not a bird call expert, can’t ID without sight. No waterfowl observed, though I have see ducks in this area in the past. Have heard reports of blue heron in area.

No herps other than frog detected.

Human influence prevalent. Loud noises from buzz saw nearby, sounds from construction site at edge of preserve. Cars pass every few minutes but not an area of high traffic

Water smells of contamination – sort of a sweet, fruit-rotting smell.


  • lighter
  • child’s ball
  • beer packaging
  • aluminum cans
  • plastic bottle
  • broken glass

No mammal observed, but heard some rustling in the brush – probably a squirrel.

Part of me says to just go home and start writing this up, taking care of IDs, etc., but the other part is making me stay. My mind is fighting my heart. I’ve had a strange feeling of “heartache” the past few days and could really use some time to examine it. Part of it is the old struggle I’ve had with my lifelong desire to live and work by the sea and certain other life circumstances that have brought me here instead. I’m learning to appreciate the urban nature here, but there is still a big piece missing from my life. I don’t think I’ll ever give upthis feeling of restlessness until I get to the sea.

Another thought – unformed. I desire freedom and autonomy so much it almost hurts. But I think if I had it, I would be terribly lonely and isolated. How to resolve these conflicted feelings?

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